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Paradigm of Childhood - Series

That innocent giggle to the notorious mischief, a curious gaze is waiting to see beyond what life holds for those sparkling eyes to discover. Such is a childhood that should be, nascent and pure to its existence. A reminder of what a childhood should be, not could be.

Tug of War - Series

There is a thin line between contradiction and conspiracy that aggravates war. War, such as a visual state portrayed in crisis faced in Kashmir having their very younger generations impacted largely. Causing a dilemma for a child to battle for the choice of education or freedom of peace. Displacing their emotions in contemplation. 

The Earthen Life - Series

A cascade of life in an earthen landscape describing the pure emotions and simplicity of rural living in the middle of the urban chaos. A romance within nature is nature most lost into the urban setting.

Scenaries - Series

A compilation of glimpses of nature that speaks to you. 

Journey of Self-Atonement

A man is not meant to be perfect, and the beauty lies beneath the guilt to flawed phases. Phases that define the purpose and lead towards atonement that shall unveil the true self in the process of realization and re-discovering the very real self.  

The Awaiting

A woman is always waiting. Waiting for freedom to aim higher, for true love, for her ground to own her name, to fulfill her dreams and beyond. Yet succumbing to the real world’s pattern of depriving her of her will to exist, with betrayal and suppression. She sees it all in various stages in her life, do men face it at every move? Do they experience the desperation and eagerness in every move flooding themselves with emotions that go unseen by blinded eyes of opinions?

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